My gums bleed should I be worried? 
If you are worried, then book a consultation with one of our dentists. However, bleeding gums can be a sign of early gum disease but this is reversible as long as you brush properly and listen to your dentists advice. 
However, in advanced gum disease, bone levels reduce due to bacteria and lack of removing this. This is irreversible but treatment from the dentist will halt the process. We usually ask patients to improve their brushing technique, stop smoking and go through a course of deep cleaning. 
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What do I do after my tooth has been removed?
You need to make sure that you do not smoke or drink for 24-48 hours, because if you do then you may get a localised infection as the blood clot allowing the wound to heal is lost. If this happens then we can see you to place a dressing. Antibiotics are not indicated for localised infections unless you have specific medical conditions. 
After your tooth has been removed, it will be sore. So take analgesics and rest, drink plenty of fluids. Try to eat a soft diet for 1 week and try to let hot foods cool down before eating
How do I look after my crown?
After a crown has been placed. You need to make sure you look after it just like a normal tooth. However because it is made of porcelain or metal, bacteria adheres to it differently. Also as it has a margin around it, bacteria can accumulate here. 
We recommend the use of superfloss to clean around the crown. However with any appliance. If you look after it, then it will similarly treat you well. 
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Is an electric toothbrush better than manual
Studies have shown that oscillating toothbrushes, which are a type of electric toothbrush are 50% more effective at removing plaque on teeth. However studies say that if your manual toothbrushing technique is good, that it has neglible differences from using an electric toothbrush. 
However, we advise the use of an electric toothbrush as they are consistent, have timers, pressure sensors and do most of the rotating action needed to clean plaque off you teeth. 
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My jaw muscles ache and my teeth ache, can you help?
If you are having disturbed sleep due to grinding or clenching. This could be damaging to your general health and also your teeth. These actions could be wearing away your teeth and you should consult your dentist or doctor immediately. 
This could be a sign of stress and needs to be addressed or eliminated in order to solve the problem. However our dentists can provide you with a splint which will prevent you from grinding your teeth. If you require more information then please book a consultation. 
I have toothache, what can I do?
This could be a number of things. The best way is to book an appointment to see the dentist, however taking analgesics can alleviate the pain. If it is safe to use for yourself, a mixture of ibufprofen and paracetamol is usually good. 
Long aching pains can indicate that the nerve of the tooth is infected and dying off or that the tooth has suffered trauma. Short sharp pains can indicate sensitivity and can be alleviated using a sensitive acting toothpaste and dabbing toothpaste in the painful areas, however it is also a sign that there could be a cavity somewhere. Often these pains can crossover and make it difficult to tell what the cause is, however the dentist will try and identify the cause and best treatment for you 
I want to improve my oral health, what should I do?
There are many things you can do:
1. Improve your diet: reduce sugars, keep them to main mealtimes, check the ingridients and amount of sugars in your food. Try and eat more complex carbohydrates and vegetables
2. Improve your brushing (click on photo): brush 2x a day for 2 minutes, spit out your toothpaste and do not rinse with water.
3. Stop smoking: smoking increases the risk of oral cancer and gum disease. It also affects your general health and second hand smoke can pass onto your family and friends when you are around them
4. Create a long term habit: eat better and brush better and make sure you do this as a long term habit