Amalgam Restorations 

Amalgam or silver fillings are a commonly used filling after decay and tooth tissue has been removed. It is made up of a mixture of metals. 
It is a excellent filling material and has been used for over 250 years. The only disadvantage is that it is not tooth coloured. White fillings can be provided on molar teeth but these are done privately as they cannot be provided under the NHS. 
Commonly Asked Questions 
1. Are silver fillings harmful due to the mercury content?
Silver fillings contain mercury which people believe is harmful to health. However studies have shown that there is no harmful effects. Mercury is ingested normally through fish, rice and high fructose corn syrup found in many foods. 
2. Can I have white fillings instead of silver?
Yes you can but these are only used if fillings are needed at the front teeth but if the back teeth need fillings, then the NHS can only provide silver. If you want, then you can pay privately for white fillings for the back teeth. 
3. How long will my filling last?
If you look after your mouth and follow the advice of your dentist then fillings can last a lifetime, like your teeth but many studies indicate that fillings can last as long as 8-9 years. If there are any problems then new silver fillings or a repair of silver fillings can be done.