Resin Composite Restorations 

Composite fillings or white fillings are highly aesthetic. These fillings are becoming better as technology improves but one key element of placing these fillings is that the dentist has to keep the cavity area dry, otherwise they will fall out. 
These fillings can be used anywhere and are commonly used on the front teeth. White fillings cannot be used in the back teeth under the NHS as these would then be classed as a "cosmetic" treatment. 
Commonly Asked Questions 
1. My exisitng white filling has stained at the front, can this be fixed? 
Yes, your dentist can either polish the filling or remove and repair the filling
2. Will my white filling be a different colour to my natural teeth?
The dentist will confirm with you what shade matches your teeth best. If this is difficult then he may ask colleagues for a second opinion or even the dental lab for a more accurate shade. 
3. Are white fillings harmful? 
No. It is extremely rare to have a reaction or poor response to white fillings. They contain substances which are biocompatible with humans. 
4. Can white fillings be used to hide my stains? 
Your dentist will explain the options to hide stains with you such as veneers, tooth whitening or polishing your teeth. White fillings can be used to hide stains and shaped. They can even be used to disguise gaps at the front. 
5. Can I get white fillings under the NHS? 
Yes if you need fillings at the front. However white fillings at the back need to be paid for privately.